Summer Fun – 10 Ways To Be Active With Your Kids

We love this post by SpeedSkatingMom Sharon DeVellis.  This active Mom of 2 is full of great idea’s for having fun with her kids when she isn’t SpeedSkating or training for her first Triathlon!  Follow Sharon on Twitter and visit her website to see how this 40-something Mom takes on new challenges, and shows her kids, you are never to young to stay active!

At IronKids we are passionate about staying active ourselves and showing our kids that being outside and moving can be so much fun! That is why we love this list from Sharon of ten super easy ways to be active with your kids!  

– ‘For fun, I’ve added my comments in . . . .turns out Sharon and I think A LOT alike!’

10 Ways To Be Active With Your Kids

I’m a huge advocate of kids being active. It scares me when I read how obesity rates are rising and this generation of children may be outlived by their parents. Here are ten simple ways to disconnect with the electronics and reconnect with your family while having fun.

Pedal Power

Bike rides are a fun family activity for every age and stage. With different bicycle attachments and seats, this is an activity you can do with toddlers to teens. If your child is grumbling about going, let them choose the route. Allowing your children to make decisions about an activity is a powerful motivational tool.

– ‘We ride to the park, do some chin ups on the monkey bars and race UP the slide then pedal home! Kids giggling the whole way to see if anyone can beat Mom (I’m pretty fast!).’

Go Fly A Kite

While you may think this is all about standing still while the wind makes your kite dance, think again. In order to get the kite off the ground, you have to run–the sprinting kind that will have you breathing hard and feeling like a kid again.

– ‘Add in running against the whipping wind, a kite made from dowels and ripped garbage bags and you have a whole day of exhausting fun! Look for a Kite Festival near you or look up a how to video on line to get started on your kite.’

Swim Like A Fish

While lakes may still be a little cold in May for anything more than a quick dip, swimming with your kids is a fun activity that feels more like play than exercise. If the weather is bad, check local indoor pools for family swim times.  The key really is too get in the water with your kids.

– ‘All they want to do is play with you, not have you watch from the sidelines. Invent games – who can do the most bobs, swim underwater the farthest, make the biggest splash when jumping in, make the least splash doing a dive!  Go ahead, get wet!!’

Let’s Get Racing

Challenge your kids to a race–running, jumping, skipping, ball throwing, three-legged, potato sack, relay, hoola hoop–the possibilities are endless. So is the fun you will have.

– ‘They might surprise you! Turns out, when challenged to a 5km run, my 8 year old can beat me (and I run a lot!).  Yes, I said 8 years old.  Who knew kids could run that far, let alone that fast!’

Turn A Walk Into An Adventure

While most kids would say no to a walk with their parents, it’s all in how you present it. Turn any walk into an adventure by not telling them where you’re going. The walks can take place anywhere; in your neighborhood, at a local park, or you can even drive to an area with trails and go for a hike. Bring a bag for each child so they can collect leaves, rocks and other treasures they find along the way.

– ‘Our favorite walk was always our “pajama parades” when the kids were little.  Get all bathed up and in pajamas and hit the sidewalk. Pick up neighborhood kids and go for a 20 minute tour around the block before bed! Everyone sleeps better after a little fresh air!’

Learn A New Skill

Never mastered the art of throwing a football? Always wanted to learn how to roller skate? What’s stopping you? Let your kids pick something they’ve always wanted to learn and have the whole family try it. This includes you too–be a role model and teach your children you’re never too old to try something new and anything is possible.

– ‘Such a great idea! Our family recently tried bouldering (rock climbing without gear)  and one daughter was instantly hooked. And by the way, it is WAY harder than it looks!’

Have A Ball

Throw a baseball, kick a soccer ball, shoot some hoops with a basketball, hit the court for some tennis–it doesn’t matter what kind of ball just know you’re going to have a ball spending time with your kids outside.

– ‘We have a bin of soft plushy balls inside the house and a bin of every kind of sport ball outside in the garage.  So easy and fun to ‘have a ball.’

Frisbee Fun

When’s the last time you’ve thrown a frisbee? It’s the toy that has stood the test of time and what’s not to love? A frisbee is small, portable, easy to learn, and you can create a hundred different games or learn new tricks. It’s the the plastic disk that can create hours of fun.

– ‘The ones I love are the new huge fabric frisbee’s. Super easy to use for those young and old who may be frisbee challenged!’

Grow A Garden

This is a two-fold activity. Not only will you get down and dirty while digging in the dirt with your kids, you’ll teach them that wholesome food doesn’t come in a box or a bag. The added bonus is your kids will be more likely to eat something they’ve grown themselves.

– ‘We tested this one out last summer, Dad built a little garden and kids came with me to pick out what we were going to plant. Lettuce, broccoli, carrots, beans and tomatoes.  They loved going out to pick what was ripe and even got them to water the flowers while they were spraying the veggie garden!’

Fight The Good Fight

A good old-fashioned water fight that is. You can create teams or make it a full on, get everyone wet, war. Grab the water guns, fill up balloons or simply use wet sponges and let the fights…errr…games begin!

– ‘Can’t argue with a good old fashioned water fight!’

Now go out there and get active with your kids.