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Kids and Sport – a Fun Approach to Competition


Canadian kids spend an average of 7 hours and 48 minutes a day in front of screens!  We can work together to get our kids off the couch and active by encouraging them to participate in fun, competitive activities.

Increasing physical activity has many benefits!  Science has shown that when children increase their daily physical activity, they decrease their chances of developing many diseases such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes and are generally healthier and happier. (ParticipACTION, 2015)

The key is to find a sport, or multisport for you kids that allows them to have fun, be with kids their own age, and set goals for improvement year over year.  Running, biking and swimming can all do that – so why not Try a Tri!


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So now that you know what to expect on race day, let’s prepare your kids leading up to the big day! Take a look below as we have provided some nutrition tips on what to include and what to avoid in your kids diet:


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Foods & Drinks to include:
Water (between 5-10 glasses per day)


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Foods and Drinks to avoid:
Processed foods
Foods that are high in sugar
Fast food
Energy Drinks


Leading up to an event like a triathlon, you want to ensure your kids are prepared so they can soar through the course and pass the finish line with a smile on their face! We want to help make that happen!

We’ve teamed up with Dr.T, a pediatric and adult muscle specialist, to share some tips on how you can incorporate nutrition, nutritional supplements and gummy vitamins into your kids diet to ensure they are getting the right nutrients to grow strong bones and maintain energy each day!


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