New Traditions for Long Lasting Memories

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to spend time with loved ones and reminisce over cherished memories! These memories, often made from tradition, last a lifetime as they symbolize another year with family and friends. Starting new traditions, whether they be for back to school, birthdays, or long weekends, they are a great way to get the kids involved in the spirit of family, while giving them something special to look forward to. Remember, traditions have to start somewhere, and there’s no time like the present!

Grab the kids, get together with friends and start making memories with these traditions that are sure to last a lifetime:

  • Bake for Birthdays: Get creative with cakes, cupcakes and cookies! The kids can get involved with fun tasks like measuring, pouring and shape-making with cookie cutters. Everyone can add their own touch and express themselves by decorating the sweet treats with frosting, sprinkles and candies.
  • Summer Vacation Family Photos: Strike a pose in your favourite PJ’s or goof around with funny faces. Either way, family photos are the best way to have tangible memories that you can look back on throughout the years. Try to do the same style each year so you can see how things change over time. Grab the selfie stick and get snapping!
  • Friday Family Fun Night: Although this may be an older tradition, it may be new to your kids in the age of technology. There’s nothing like spending quality time with the family around a great board game for a little healthy competition and a lot of laughs.
  • ‘Good Deed a Day’ Jar: Keep the little ones on the right track by encouraging a good deed a day. Tell them to write it on a colourful piece of paper and place it in the jar. The one with the most good deeds each week gets to pick the board game for Friday Family Fun Night!
  • Family Talent Show: Quite possibly a family favourite, a talent show can be a hilariously entertaining way to create memories. They can be musical, poetic, inspiring, funny and heartwarming as each family member has the opportunity to showcase what makes them unique. Be sure to record the festivities so you can go back and watch each show every year.

Try to create timeless traditions that will last throughout the years, even as the kids grow up. To get the most out of these memories, it’s important to keep your kids healthy so they can appreciate every second of all the special memories they are helping to create. IronKids® Gummies are a delicious way to get your kids excited about nutrition. From multi-vitamins to Omega-3 and everything in between, IronKids will give you peace of mind throughout the year.