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From Parents

Thank you for making a product that i use everyday for our 3 yr old that she loves.She always reminds me when it is time for her vitamins.We use the multi and omega vitamins and now we want to try the rest.Thank you for making a great tasting vitamin that our daughter looks forward to taking. Michelle Whalen


Both my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IronKids Gummies! As a matter of fact, they fight over who gets theirs first (ages 2 and 3). Thanks so much for helping make my kids healthier and happier. Facebook Mom


My son doesn’t need any reminders to have his vitamin at night since he started taking IronKid Vitamins. I personally love them too – sneak them in when he is not looking. LOL. I think they taste great and I know they are doing good things in our bodies Leigh Mitchell


Vitamins that taste like Gummy Bears… seriously – you rock! Our kids(all 3 of them) ♥ them – LOVE them! They remind me in the morning that it’s ‘vitamin time’ and lucky for us, they like all the flavours! Thanks for making a product that I know is safe and tastes good at the same time! Amanda Knight Kinnaird


My kids absolutely love the IronKids Gummies – and I absolutely love the stuff they’re NOT getting with these. Natural ingredients without all the added stuff. Jacki Yovanoff


I am particularly in love with the Omega 3s. I had been hiding fish oil in the kids food, but then they wised up… and refused it in a large way. Then I discovered Ironkids Gummies Omega 3s. The kids LOVE them. In fact, they ASK to have their daily gummies. Shelagh Cummins



What Moms at Parent Tested Parent Approved had to say?

My kids are in love with this Iron Kids vitamins and fight over who gets them first! They love the flavors and the gummies feel like a treat! They really have liked them over other Flintstone-type and even over other gummies that are too chewy or too sweet…PTPA Tester


I will continue to purchase IronKids…my kids would kill me if I didn’t! I’ve tried other gummies and other natural vitamins, but these are by far the best with the best prices…PTPA Tester


Wonderfully tasty according to my 9 yr old. This is a fantastic vitamin product for kids who balk at taking supplements. This will be a regular purchase for us now on…PTPA Tester


Good product, with excellent flavour and texture. Kids liked this more than some of the softer similar products on the market…PTPA Tester


Our family gives this 2 thumbs up! We all love the taste and ingredients – we are excited to say that IronKids is our new vitamin of choice!…PTPA Tester


The IronKids Gummies Omega 3 vitamins are truly a hit with my 2.5 year old son. He loves the fruity taste (literally calling them ‘tasty’) and the fish shapes. He reminds me every morning that he needs to take them, indicating to me that he enjoys these again and again…and what’s not to love: they taste like candy yet contain natural fruit flavours! Thank You PTPA for making me a part of this evaluation process!…PTPA Tester


Having used adult and other children’s omega-3 supplements, I was INCREDIBLY impressed with this product. I expected there to be some sort of fishy smell/taste that would turn the kids off, but the manufacturers have managed to make a product that smells and tastes absolutely delicious! Now for someone to make a yummy chewable format for ADULTS so we wouldn’t have to swallow those horrid horse pills to obtain the benefits of omega-3!…PTPA Tester


I used to be skeptical of giving my kids vitamins, you hear mixed reviews from Dr.’s and online but I have done my homework and am a firm believer that they are necessary and important. I love this company and that their products are made in Canada. I will only buy this brand from now on. Thank you for introducing me to IronKids…PTPA Tester


I was so impressed with the natural ingredients in these Calcium supplements. I especially like that the Calcium comes with Vitamin D, so that you do not need to take another Vitamin D supplement. Being nut free and dairy free is also really important to many families…PTPA Tester



The Mommy Mix

Amanda of The Mommy Mix is a Mom of two boys, a proud Canadian and a photographer with a passion for writing. She is also a mom to a 5 year old picky eater!

“My son who is such a picky eater that I sometime have to trick him to get him to eat what is good for him (I know mean right…) but I don’t with LSN’s Iron Kids Gummies these vitamins taste just like candy (gummy bears) so much so that not even your kids will be able to tell them apart. After the first time my son had one he was asking me if he could have another one before bed like they were a treat. Our favorite is the Vitamin D sunshines from the IronKids Gummies they have a citrusy flavor and kind of taste like peaches (my favorite) and yes I take the kids ones too, it’s hard not to when their so yummy!

I love that this is a family based business and everything that they do; whether it’s putting a specific ingredient into their product or their everyday lives promotes active living.”


Feisty Frugal & Fabulous

Tenille is a 30 something mom or 3 from Saskatchewan who launched Feisty Frugal & Fabulous’ as a way to share online deals and coupons, along with her Feisty tips and tricks to live Frugally, while still maintaining her Fabulous mommy-style. She recently learned how great it is to find vitamins her kids actually want to take!

“This year, I am making a big effort to ensure all of us are taking our vitamins. I am a self-professed germophobe and while I know the majority of our vitamins and minerals should come from the food we eat, I’m also a realist and know that this just isn’t going to happen. So, I think the best way to ensure we have our bases covered is to take vitamins. A simple chewable multi-vitamin is a great start but if you want to ensure you’re getting all the necessary minerals as well, IronKids Vitamin Supplements are a great idea.

They definitely see their daily vitamins as a “treat” which is ok as long as they understand that, even though they taste yummy, they are vitamins and not candy. Still, I think it’s great to have a positive association with taking your vitamins so I’m a happy mom. It helps that they taste great and the kids like them. Now, they actually remind ME that they need their daily vitamins which is perfect!”



Nolie’s Place

‘Smart Kid Wants His Vitamins’ says mom Nolie of the popular Nolie’s Place blog about her son!
Since the day the IronKids Vitamins arrived my kid has not allowed me to forget his vitamins. Every day I get “mommy can I have the vitamins that keep me healthy”. Heck sometimes he asks for a snack and when I say no he says “well can I have vitamins then”. He seriously loves these gummy vitamins. The bonus to him asking EVERY DAY is that his are right beside mine so when I give him vitamins I take my own.” – See more at: http://iron-kids.com/testimonials/#sthash.zJK3PIgX.dpuf



Aias’s (www.aias.ca)

Aias’s Mom Monika recently had Aias test out our IronKids Gummy Vitamins, as she search for a vitamin he would actually take!

“I’ve blogged quite a bit about how Aias is incredibly picky about what foods he eats. For a long time he was happily taking a liquid vitamin then he decided he wasn’t going to take the vitamin anymore. “Forcing” him to take the liquid vitamins or tricking him into taking them wasn’t very effective; it’s nearly impossible to force a kid to eat something and it isn’t a pleasant experience overall, which I know would have just made him hate the vitamins even more. Tricking him by mixing the vitamins into something would have been unreliable because it would have been impossible to know how much of the vitamins he actually consumed.

It became obvious I needed to find an alternative vitamin; one that Aias actually wanted to consume. Chewable vitamins weren’t going to cut it; he didn’t want to eat them, even though they looked like candies. Then we got IronKids Gummy Vitamins. What struck me as hilarious was that Aias was really interested in this package, and when I was positioning the vitamins he was begging for them, even though he had absolutely no idea what they were.

The Multi vitamins were shaped like little IronKids symbols, the Omega-3 vitamins were shaped like little fish, and the Vitamin D were shaped like little suns. Aias got a huge kick out of the shapes. I urged him to taste one, he licked it, then he chewed… and swallowed it! He then did it with the other two, and asked for more! Of course, with vitamins you can’t really offer more. I put them high up in a spot where they wouldn’t be accessible to him, and told him he could have more tomorrow.



My Real Review! Real reviews by real moms

IronKids was thrilled to learn that they have received the Seal of Recommendation from My Real Review! Real reviews by real moms. Product reviews and consumer reviews to help parents in Canada make the best shopping decisions for their family.

“The toughest part about vitamins for kids is deciding which ones to buy: high quality ingredients are useless if your child spits it out, whereas bright colours and yummy flavours can often mean less desirable and artificial ingredients. Has IronKids Gummies found the perfect balance? IronKids Gummies are made in Quebec by Life Science Nutritionals – the first company to transform the fish oil supplement from a liquid or giant capsule into a delicious gummy (applause, please). My kids were immediately attracted to the IronKids Gummies bright packaging and were eager to eat them – it’s so nice that there are yummy vitamins made just for kids and that I don’t have to pin anyone down to force an unwilling mouth to eat a yucky spoonful of supplements. The kids loved the shapes of the vitamins. They laughed at the Omega-3 vitamin shaped like a fish and held the Vitamin D gummy, which is shaped like a sun, high over their heads. After playing with the vitamins for a while, they gobbled them all up with great enthusiasm. I really should have filmed their first reaction, it was so fun. My kids loved these vitamins and would often remind me, even before breakfast, that is was time for me to give them their vitamins.”



I provide my kids with a balanced and healthy diet but, in reality, they control what they eat and sometimes what actually makes it into their mouth is skimpy on important elements.

I provide my kids with a balanced and healthy diet but, in reality, they control what they eat and sometimes what actually makes it into their mouth is skimpy on important elements. Including a multi-vitamin in their routine makes me feel better in case someone refuses to eat their broccoli or drink their milk!

Great news – I’ve found a vitamin that my kids love and they actually ASK for it each morning! IronKids Gummy Vitamins are a hit in this house which makes mommy happy!


My Organized Chaos

Tammi first started My Organized Chaos in 2008 to help fellow Mom’s in the areas of discount awareness and
learning about the latest and greatest family-friendly products on the market. With a 7 year old and twin toddlers, she is always looking for great family products and knows a thing or two about chaos!!

“While all my girls love fresh vegetables, they hate cooked ones. Fruit? love it. Meat, depends on if it’s dipped in Ketchup or Dressing. I can’t totally complain since they do eat, for the most part fairly well. Yet, there are certain foods and food groups that they aren’t crazy about, and I’m fairy certain they lack some vitamins and nutrients from their diet. Which is why it’s good to have that backup. By backup I mean, IronKids Gummy Vitamins.”



Family Fun Canada

Family Fun Canada has a fantastic idea for keeping her kids healthy this summer and IronKids is a big part of it!“Since we don’t have a summer vacation planned, my family will be spending most of the summer finding ways to be active, healthy and enjoy the outdoors within our city. I live in an amazing suburb with at least 20 playgrounds connected by well over 20 kms of pathways. My kids are very excited because we are going to bike to all of them over the course of the summer and cross each one off our list. The other adventures we plan to experience this summer are: finding hikes inside the city, going on hikes in the mountains, enjoying a healthy picnic at the park near our house and cooling off in the outdoor swimming pools and spray parks in our city. Our action plan for staying healthy includes daily physical activity, enjoying the outdoors, eating fresh fruits and vegetables (even if they are hidden in a smoothie) and taking our vitamins. How do I get my kids to take vitamins since many of the kids chewables taste so chalky? I discovered Adult Essentials and IronKids vitamins about a year ago and have been hooked ever since.”



Teri from Momtobedby8 loves how the IronKids Omega 3 gummies taste and so do her kids!

We spent the last month using IronKids Omega-3′s for Smart Kids Gummies with my two oldest daughters. One thing I know for sure is that they taste great. They remind me of a gummy bear. So it was easy to get my children to agree to take them every morning. In fact, they often reminded me.

I am very happy with the listed ingredients and feel that they offer the proper amounts of each. As a firm believer in the benefits of Omega-3, we intend to continue using IronKids Gummies and plan to introduce them to our younger sons soon. Check out her full review.



Mommy Moment

Meet our 2012 Brand Ambassadors!
Tara’s View of the World, Tales of a Ranting Ginger, Jabbering Jessi, Little Miss Kate, It’s OK to be Weird, Mommy Kat & Kids You make us so proud!

Jodi is the Mom of 2 daughters and the owner of Mommy Moment, she is thankful to have found a vitamin both daughters love.

Our 6 year old daughter has an extremely sensitive gag reflex which makes simple things like brushing teeth, taking vitamins and swallowing certain textures quite difficult. Since we have introduced the IronKids gummy vitamins into our home we have had no issue with getting either of our girls to take their vitamins, in fact we have to keep them out of site or they ask for them all day long!

Even though IronKids vitamins are gummy vitamins, they are made with no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors (which makes me happy as a mom). They are a great tasting way for kids to take their daily vitamins and they are Health Canada approved which is also a plus to me as a parent. Our morning routine has become a lot easier since implementing IronKids gummies into the mix. Our girls are excited and full of energy and eat up their breakfast because they know the vitamins come once breakfast is done.


Tara’s View of the World

Tara is the Mom of 3 and a huge IronKids fan. She shared her View of the World on her blog.

I am a firm believer in the importance of daily vitamins. I don’t believe we get enough nutrients from the food we eat and for those of use who live in the North we certainly don’t get enough sunshine so we don’t get enough Vitamin D.

Aiden, with his Autism, has some intense food aversions and many years ago we were given some very sage advice and told to give him his daily vitamins then take our time working on the food issues.The thing is we went through a LOT of different brands of kids vitamins over the years and Aiden hated them all. He hated all those chalky tasting chewable ones. Actually all 3 of my kids hated them. All those ones based on cartoon characters sat unused on my kitchen counter until I finally threw them out. My kids would NOT eat them. They said they tasted gross.

Then one day I stumbled upon IronKids multi-vitamin gummies and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! The kids loved them and we’ve been using them ever since.That’s how you know I really love them- we’ve been buying them at the store for a good two years now and I have no intention of stopping! The Vitamin D gummies are a huge massive hit with all 3 kids. They love them and would eat them like candy if I let them! I tried a couple and they are very tasty! They are perfect for the extra long winter we are having these days.My sons really like the Omega-3′s gummies but my daughter prefers the Omega-3 Bursts. I don’t know why they prefer the different ones but they all tell me they each think the other tastes better. The bottom line is that we love IronKids gummies in our house. I never have to argue with the kids to take their vitamins and if I forget to offer them the kids remind me!

I have been recommending IronKids for years and I will be continuing to do so- give them a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


Jabbering Jessi

Getting my kids to take vitamins is sometimes the biggest challenge that I just don’t bother and give up some days fighting with them to get them into them. They are either too hard, too sweet, too bitter, too big and the list of excuses goes on and on and on with my little ones. I would not find it nearly as important for them to take the vitamins if they actually ate better but I have two of the pickiest eaters ever.

Holden will eat next to nothing because he does not like the textures of most foods. Maddisyn loves to eat potatoes, some veggies but absolutely hates to eat meat. With their picky appetites I worry that their little systems are not getting all the good stuff they need to grow big and strong.

Since becoming IronKids ambassadors and getting our supply of vitamins we have a new problem. The kids are constantly begging to get their vitamins everyday. I am beyond happy with this turnaround and thrilled that we have found something that is gummy so no complaining of too hard, and tasty so none of the other complaints I normally hear.

Being pregnant I have not actually tasted any of the vitamins for myself because I have a super sensitive stomach right now and unfortunately most everything makes me sick. But Lee did taste them and said that he was really impressed with how they tasted and was not surprised the kids loved them.

We received quite the variety of vitamins for the kids and they remind us morning and night to give them their vitamins. They even get hostile if they are told to wait a minute or are reminded that certain ones they only take once a day. They particularly love the IronKids Vitamin D gummies.

The one and only complaint they have is that they are not loving the Omega-3 bursts. They find the flavor is too strong in those ones. So 4 out of 5 are a hit and 1 is not a favorite but they will take them if we give them at the end.

Now we have only been taking these for a couple of weeks now but I feel like my kids are finally getting the nutrients I think they need to grow big and healthy. I can honestly say that once we run out of the supply I received in order to facilitate this review we will be picking up more of them to continue the kids on them.



Little Miss Kate & Co.

Cold and flu season is in full swing around our house. When A.C. started daycare in August so did the colds, which only picked up tempo once the cold weather set in. It seems like every 2 weeks he is bringing a new cold to share with JAM and I. I have never had so many colds in my life! In an attempt help boost our immune systems to fight off all of these bugs we started taking vitamins. I was first introduced to IronKids vitamins at the Shes Connected Conference last fall, and thought they were a great product. Finally a vitamin that we will remember, and look forward to taking every day!

IronKids offers a wide variety of products for families including multi-vitamins, vitamin D, and calcium. I especially like the IronKids Gummies Omega-3’s – we don’t eat a lot of fish in our house, so it is great knowing that there is a simple way to get Omega-3’s into our diet and they taste great.

Don’t let the name fool you the IronKids product line extends far beyond products just for kids check out the Adult Essentials line as well! It is the only multivitamin that JAM remembers to take! Instead of starting a bottle of vitamins and then forgetting about them for months, he took them on a regular basis and the bottle was done within 2 months (rather than throwing out the bottle because it has expired, which has happened to us before). And the gummies taste just as fresh at the end of the bottle as they do at the beginning. Plus if you have a hard time swallowing pills the gummies are a great option to still get your vitamins without struggling to get them down.

Want to give them a try? You can buy IronKids at many retailers in Canada and the US including Wal-mart, Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore. With no aspartame, artificial flavours or colours I feel good about giving these vitamins to children. Worried about allergies? IronKids are nut, gluten, soy, corn, diary and egg free.

IronKids was awarded the Canadian Living Best New Product in 2010 and got the PTPA seal of approval in 2011 – and I can see why! IronKids Gummies and Adult Essentials are our vitamins of choice around our house – they have a great texture and taste delicious too. Hopefully with the little added boost to our immune system we will be able to fend off colds or recover faster so we can keep up with our busy schedule.




BabyAlerts.ca is wishing gummy vitamins were around when they were young! They recently tried IronKids Gummies and loved the taste so much I’m not sure they shared them with their kids!




Sweeps4Bloggers reviews dozens of products each month so they know a great brand when they taste it!! “It’s so much easier to take supplements when they are enjoyable. We aren’t going to forget them, because we actually like them. They taste like a treat! I’m happy to know that they don’t contain aspartame or artificial colors or flavors. I don’t want these things in our food, so I certainly don’t want them in our supplements.”

Sober Julie Doing Life

Julie has picky eaters and kids with sensitive stomachs, so she was so happy they both loved IronKids Gummy Vitamins. “Our daughters just LOVE these vitamins! In the past they’ve complained about the taste of other vitamins or have often been affected by them, either upset stomachs or hyper-activity from the dyes/sugars. With IronKids we’ve experienced none of this, each morning the girls remind me it’s time for their gummies and we count out the appropriate amounts.”



Smookie Styler

Cee is mom to one ‘fierce little toddler’ who loves to share great products she has found that her daughter loves on her website SmookieStyle. A year ago she researched vitamins and was looking for one not full of dye’ and fillers and she found IronKids Gummy Vitamins. They tried the other liquids and chewables and always come back to IronKids! Red her great Review which includes why your kids should take IronKids Omega’s. Vitamins D, Calcium and Multi vitamins.