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Q1: What Are IronKids Gummies?


R1: IronKids Gummies are vitamins in the form of gummies. We make it easy for your kids to get the vitamins they need, because these gummies taste and feel just like candy. They come in a variety of specific formulas depending on your child’s needs. Our gummies provide an effective dosage of vitamins and medicinal ingredients that children require for specific need.


Q2: Can my kids take these vitamins to school?


R2: Yes! All of our products are guaranteed Gluten, Dairy, and Nut free! They are school-safe.


Q3: Do these vitamins taste like candy because they ARE candy?


R3: Our gummies are specifically formulated to taste delicious so that your kids can get the proper vitamins they need while enjoying the taste, unlike the hassle of swallowing pills. Although they may taste like candies, make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage, and be sure to keep them away from children’s reach.


Q4: How old does my child have to be to consume IronKids Gummies?


R4: We recommend children be a minimum of 2 years old for consumption of our products. Always read and follow label direction.


Q5: Should I put these Gummies in the fridge?


R5: We recommend storing these vitamins between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.


Q6: What sort of gummies do you have?


R6: We have a great line of products specifically formulated to target different needs. You can find a list of all of our products at: http://iron-kids.com/products/


Q7: Where can I buy IronKids Gummies?


R7: Please find a list of retailers that sell IronKids Gummies Here: http://iron-kids.com/where-to-buy/. Some popular retailers are: Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Rexall PharmaPlus, Loblaws Superstore, Sobeys, Metro, London Drugs, PharmaSave. Costco carries the Omega-3 in large format. As well, visit Well.ca on line.


Q8: Do IronKids Gummies contain Sugar?


R8: There are approximately 1.3 grams of sugar and 7 calories per gummy vitamin, but keep in mind, these are natural sugars, as our vitamins contain no artificial ingredients. While a gummy vitamin does contain sugar, your child is also getting the benefit of the vitamins and this should be considered when looking at all of their daily food choices.


Q9: How many gummies should I take each day?


R9: The recommended gummy dosage depends on which gummy your child is taking as well as the age range of your child. Typically the dosage ranges from 1-4 gummies per day. Please consult the package of the individual product for the exact number of gummies.


Q10: When should my kids consume IronKids Gummies?


R10: Our gummies can be taken any time.


Q11: How does a Gummy vitamin differ from a regular vitamin in terms of medicinal ingredients?


R11: The active Medicinal ingredients present in our Gummy Vitamins are similar to a pill-form vitamin. The primary difference is the texture – we make it fun for your kids to take their vitamins!


Q12: How do I know which gummy is best for my kids?


R12: Thanks for the great question. It can be confusing when deciding which vitamin to choose. We have a variety of vitamins meant to work in individual ways for individual needs! Please consult our Nutrition Information in our Product list to discover what works best for your child: http://iron-kids.com/products/product-category/multi-vitamins/


Q13: What is the gummy base made of?


R13: IronKids Gummy products are made with bovine (beef) gelatin with a few exceptions. IronKids Calcium and IronKids Fibre are both made with pectin (plant-based) and IronKids Omega-3 Bursts contain porcine (pork) gelatin.


Q14: How many vitamins are in 1 bottle?


R14: The number of vitamins in a bottle depends on the vitamin. Typically they range from 45-60 gummies per bottle. But then there are larger size of IronKids Omega-3 Gummies at Costco for example that contains 200 gummies.


Q15: How long will 1 bottle of vitamins last me?


R15: When consuming the recommended dosage, 1 bottle should last you approximately 1 month.


Q16: My kids are severely allergic to nuts. Can they consume IronKids Gummies?


R16: All of our products are guaranteed nut free, so no need to worry about your kids consuming them!


Q17: Is there actually IRON in IronKids Gummies?


R17: No, no iron in IronKids Gummies. An overdose of iron can kill or make a child seriously ill. For safety reasons, Life Science Nutritionals does not include iron in any of their gummies. IronKids brand name is from the USA’s franchise of triathlon for young athletes. Visit their site at www.Ironkids.com


Q18: Do kids actually eat this stuff?!


R18: Valid question, indeed! According to customer feedback, kids love IronKids Gummies! You can read our testimonials here: http://iron-kids.com/testimonials/


Q19: Are your gummies Halal or Kosher?


R19: We are not Halal or Kosher.


Q20: What is the specific bovine source of gelatin (Brain, Spine, marrow or skin)?


R20: We use gelatin sourced from beef (bovine) hides.


Q21: Are IronKids™ Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins Tested To Be Free Of Contaminants?


R21: At Life Science Nutritionals we use only 100% pure sourced fish oil which is triple distilled and purified to remove all traces of mercury and other contaminants. We ensure only the purest ingredients go into making our IronKids™ and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins so your family can be certain you are getting a quality health product. There is mounting evidence that EPA+DHA is the preferred source of Omega 3 for normal functioning of neural tissue (including cognitive performance, learning ability, memory), visual acuity, and cardiovascular health. Experts recommend fatty fish a minimum of 2 times per week or the equivalent in an Omega 3 supplement.


Q22: How Much Sugar & How Many Calories Are In One Gummy Vitamin?


R22: There are approximately 1.75 grams of carbohydrates per gummy. Of that 1.75 grams, sugar accounts for about 1.3 grams for a total of about 7 calories per gummy. If you are concerned about sugar in your or your child’s diet, we have some articles that can help provide some perspective and reference avoiding foods with added or unnecessary sugar. Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrates, which our bodies use for energy. What’s important is knowing the difference between naturally occurring sugar, beneficial sugar and added sugar. Eating sugar that fuels your body and provide nutrients can be the hero that saves the day! While a gummy vitamin does contain sugar, you are also getting the benefit of the vitamins and this should be considered when looking at all your daily food choices.


Q23: Are IronKids™ Pectin or Gelatin Based Gummies?


R23: IronKids™ Gummy products are made with bovine (beef) gelatin, with a few exceptions. IronKids™ Calcium and IronKids™ Fibre are both made with pectin (plant-based) and IronKids™ Omega-3 Bursts contain porcine (pork) gelatine.


Q24: What’s so special about IronKids Gummies?


R24: They were developed by Dr. Tarnopolsky, a world leader in sports nutrition. As an expert in pediatrics as well, he has created a full line of vitamins and supplements to help active kids be healthy and happy. Kids love them because they taste great – it keeps them coming back for more

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